How limousines have evolved over time?

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Evolution in Limo Industry

The concept of limousine is not new and was present years ago as well. Two things which distinguished a limousine from other cars are its length and the fact that it is chauffeured by a driver. Moreover, limousines have always been associated with luxury but the misconception of them being reserved for just the high class society has now been removed with limo services like Car service Atlanta. Car service Atlanta of My ATL limo has made it possible for everyone to access the luxurious rides.


As already mentioned, the case was not like this in the previous years. They were particularly there for the wealthy and rich individuals. There have been a lot of improvements in both the service of limousines and the design of these cars. It would be best to skim through the history of limousines and see how they have changed over time.

Origin of limousines way before car service Atlanta

We all remember the first ever ride that we had in a limousine. When we booked limo service Atlanta for our prom night or a family evening out. Settling there at the back seat of a luxurious car was certainly something not to forget. But do we ever try to think of where these cars actually originated from? The variety of cars available at limo service Atlanta all had a history that sure is interesting for riders to know about.

History of classic presidential limousines

In America, when people hear the term “presidential limousines”, they usually picture President Kennedy waving from his most famous Lincoln Continental limo, one of the most discussed cars in American history. Kennedy’s limo after his assassination was re-fixed and updated with certain feature to serve the later presidents. This was, however, the only convertible that was used for presidential travelling and later they were changed to more secure and closed ones. All limos available at limo service Atlanta and car service Atlanta are guaranteed for their security and safety provided to the passenger.

limo service atlanta

The definition of limousine for presidential purposes has clearly changed over time. Currently, president Trump being in the limelight certainly needs no less than perfection. He, therefore, with the help of Cadillac had a one of a kind luxury limousine designed particularly for him. The limos were given a separate name as Trump Golden series and Trump Executive series. For all those wondering if they will ever be able to get the experience of such exquisite limos should not worry because my ATL limo offers the same luxurious travelling. When car service Atlanta and limo service Atlanta are available at just one call, you don’t have to worry about emptying your pocket. Limo service Atlanta promises to offer you the same luxury experience every time.

First stretch limo

The first stretch limo that was created was back in year 1928 in the area of Arkansas. At that time, this new design was more commonly referred to as big band buses and was mainly the transport for large families or music bands moving from one place to another. After some time the comfort and ease in these cars made it a choice for airport travelling as well, primarily for special guests. Soon, it became a common drive for the rich and affluent. All in all, stretch limos were somehow reserved for more important and professional purposes until the SUV arrived. Today, car service Atlanta and limo service Atlanta offer the same stretch limo experience in a modern and up to date design.

Arrival of the SUV class

Limos had become really popular in just a few years’ time and this meant that changes in their style and versatility were bound to take place. Cadillac stretch limo and Chrysler 300 were an eye candy for many but then the arrival of SUV limo shared the same extravagance. The SUV limo was a perfect blend between comfort and luxury with added features like sound system and space for more passengers; something that is found in all limos of car service Atlanta.

Legacy withheld by My ATL limo

With all the variations and changes which were brought to the design and outlook of limos, there was a massive shift towards rental limo services for those who couldn’t afford buying one. Amongst many, My ATL limo was a major name. Within few years, the company was able to establish its position by offering competitive services like car service Atlanta and limo service Atlanta to different areas. It has the best fleet of limos ranging from large stretch limos to SUVs, hummers and Cadillac. The aim has always been to provide customers with the best of this kind along with a top class service that takes care of their specific needs and requirements.
If luxury and comfort are the two synonyms of limo travelling, car service Atlanta and limo service Atlanta have undoubtedly held the meaning every time. For those who have never experienced the divine experience in this evolutionary vehicle, must do so with the most trusted company of present, My ATL limo.

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